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Our 12.5 Acre Piece of ParadiseOn Feb. 1, 2010 we paid the deposit on an 80 terea (aprox 12.5 acre) lot in the hills outside of Santiago in the dominican Republic.

Come see as I document the farming, home building and other general homestreading I plan to do over the next few years.
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Frederick Angel BullenWatch our son grow!
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Robert Thomas BullenOur 2nd son, watch him grow too!
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Dominican RepublicVarious photos of our life in the Dominican Republic
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CanadaPictures from Canada before I moved to the Dominican Republic
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view from the walkway looking into the land62 viewsonce I build my house, this will be the view out of the livingroomFeb 01, 2010
view of the valley in the middle of the lot, just over the hills from the house40 viewseverything in this picture is my propertyFeb 01, 2010
view from the end of the lot41 viewsyou can see the the end of the fence in the middle of the pic where the lot ends and way in the background is part of SantiagoFeb 01, 2010
spot where I'll be building my new house58 viewsthis view is from the existing house looking towards a small shack at the end of the driveway on the far side of the shackFeb 01, 2010
another view of part of the lot44 viewsall the land inside the white line is mine and there is much more over the hills in the distanceFeb 01, 2010
part of the lot as seen from beside the house50 viewsall the land inside the white line is mineFeb 01, 2010
side of house58 viewsFeb 01, 2010
front of house with entry portch59 viewsthis is a small 3 bedroom house made of poured concrete with rebar re-enforcement. It may be small, but if you could pick it up, you could roll it down a hill without breaking it.

Not yet finished, I plan on putting up a wooden 2nd floor and finishing the interior and exterior to make a nice little cottage while I build my deam home on the property.
Feb 01, 2010


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